CVW CleanTech’s mission is to develop and build a full-scale commercial process that will maximize the inherent value existing in the froth treatment waste tailings currently being deposited in mined oil sands tailings. 

CVW CleanTech's Technology is Advancing to First Commercial Implementation

CVW CleanTech is continuing to work with Canadian Natural Resources Limited on engineering design optimizations for the first prototype commercial implementation of CVWTM technology at Canadian Natural's Horizon oil sands site, following a front-end engineering design phase completed in 2019, which was supported by a $5 million grant from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA).

Development of CVWTM was made possible in part through government funding, now totaling over $18 million, from government agencies including Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), Alberta Energy, ERA and the National Research Council. In addition, CVW CleanTech's shareholders have invested over $90 million to develop CVWTM. A consortium of oil sands operators, research firms, Universities and government agencies have collaborated with CVW CleanTech throughout CVW CleanTech's successful R&D and demonstration piloting programs.

The following video featuring CVW CleanTech's technology was independently produced by Sustainable Development Technology Canada. View Video

For more information please refer to CVW CleanTech’s latest MD & A found under the 'Financial Statements' section of the menu item 'Investors' on our website.