Sustainable Development

CVW CleanTech's oil sands project complements the Sustainable Mining Principles developed by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC) and adopted by the oil sand industry. These Principles call for performance measures in areas such as footprint of disturbance, speed of reclamation, emissions, energy usage, and water usage. Environmental improvements associated with CVW CleanTech's project could enhance performance in a number of these areas. Potential Benefits and Environmental improvements include:

  • Utilization of waste tailings from non-renewable resources
  • Eliminates the need for mining in the heavy mineral recovery process
  • Reduces oil sands tailings volumes by converting waste into valuable products
  • Additional bitumen and diluent recovery from the oil sands resource
  • Significant reduction of volatile organic carbons (VOCs) and particulates emissions through the recovery of additional bitumen and hydrocarbons otherwise lost in the tailings
  • Avoidance of methane emissions from tailings ponds
  • Production of valuable mineral sand products
  • Creation of a new sustainable industry in Alberta and Canada