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CVW CleanTech is a clean technology innovator focused on providing solutions to the mining sector of Canada’s oil sands industry.  The Company has developed a suite of technologies called Creating Value from Waste™ (“CVW™”) that recover bitumen, solvents, valuable minerals and water from oil sands froth treatment tailings. CVW CleanTech's technology is designed to intercept oil sands froth treatment tailings before discharge to tailings ponds, recover high quality commodities that are currently lost to tailings ponds and thicken these residual tailings for their permanent deposit in designated disposal areas. 

Recovered commodities include naphtha, bitumen, and valuable minerals. The recovered bitumen can be upgraded in existing site facilities to synthetic crude oil (SCO) and the recovered naphtha, a high value product, will be recycled back to the oil sands facility for reuse. The production of minerals from oil sands tailings, including zircon, titanium and potentially rare earth elements, represents a new, diversified export industry for Alberta and Canada. The recovery of lost hydrocarbons will reduce fugitive methane and GHG emissions from tailings ponds as well as reduce Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Secondary Atmospheric Aerosol (SOA) emissions and facilitate more efficient tailings remediation. 

A new, high value minerals industry will be created with the production and export of zircon concentrate and titanium mineral sand products which are essential ingredients in ceramics, coatings and many other everyday products that improve people's lives. 

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